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2019 WELS Graduates

Congratulations on your graduation! As you begin your ministry, you can participate in the following benefit plans sponsored by WELS: WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan (WELS VEBA) WELS Pension Plan WELS Shepherd Plan WELS VEBA To participate in WELS VEBA, you must enroll no later than August 29, 2019. To enroll, login to the […]

2018 WELS Benefit Plans Annual Report

Through the WELS Benefit Plans, our church body walks together to take care of the health and financial wellbeing of the families of workers at WELS ministries.  The sole purpose of the WELS Benefit Plans is to support WELS ministry efforts by providing Benefit Plans that are comprehensive for workers, cost-effective for ministries, and consistent […]

2019 WELS Benefit Plans Summary

The following provides a summary of the WELS Benefit Plans for 2019 and information to help newly-hired workers begin participating in the plans. WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan (WELS VEBA) WELS Pension Plan WELS Shepherd Plan WELS VEBA To participate in WELS VEBA, a new worker must enroll within 60 days of his/her employment start […]

New Website for Sponsoring Organizations

The Benefit Plans Office is pleased to introduce a new website with content dedicated for use primarily by sponsoring organization representatives, such as treasurers, business managers, and other organizational leaders. Visit the website at: https://resources.welsbpo.net. Initial content includes information for organizations to prepare for the upcoming 2019 WELS VEBA limited open enrollment period, general information about […]

2019 WELS VEBA Health Plan Rates

The 2019 premium rates for the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan will increase by 2% for all plan options over the current 2018 rates.  No changes to cost-sharing amounts (e.g. deductibles) or covered services are expected for the 2019 plan year.  The WELS VEBA health plan has experienced better-than-expected claims costs and investment returns over the past […]

2019 WELS Pension Plan Contribution Rates

The 2019 contribution rates for the WELS Pension Plan are now available on this page. The 9.9% increase was approved by the WELS Retirement Program Commission to continue its efforts to improve the Plan’s funded status and recover from the 2008-09 market downturn.  

2018 Benefits Guide

If you are a new worker at a WELS ministry organization or would simply like to learn more about the benefits available through the WELS Benefit Plans, we encourage you to read the 2018 WELS Benefit Plans Guide at the link below.  The Guide provides a brief overview of the WELS VEBA Group Health Care […]

Important Advantages of WELS VEBA

WELS VEBA provides health benefits for workers at WELS and ELS calling bodies across the country.  The above video provides information on the important advantages of WELS VEBA.  A flyer highlighting the main points discussed in the video is available for download here.  We encourage you to share this video and flyer with fellow workers and […]

Anthem LiveHealth Online

Easy, fast doctor visits. All from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device 365 days a year. LiveHealth Online is a new communications tool provided by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield that allows you to talk to doctors online by two-way video on a computer. Doctors can answer questions, make a diagnosis, […]

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Cyber Attack

As widely reported, Anthem, Inc. was the target of a sophisticated external cyber attack that occurred in December 2014 and January 2015. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the claims administrator for the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan. Anthem has informed us that WELS VEBA members since 2004 may be at risk of unauthorized […]