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2021 WELS VEBA Health Plan Limited Open Enrollment

WELS VEBA provides health benefits for workers at WELS and ELS calling bodies across the country.  The above video provides information on the important advantages of WELS VEBA.  A flyer highlighting the main points discussed in the video is available for download here.  We encourage you to share this video and flyer with fellow workers and […]

2021 WELS VEBA Health Plan Rates

The 2021 premium rates for the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan will not change compared to the current 2020 rates.  In other words, the 2020 rates for all WELS VEBA health plan options will remain in effect for 2021.  The WELS VEBA health plan has experienced better-than-expected claims costs and investment returns over the past […]

WELS Pension Contribution Holiday – October 2020

The WELS Retirement Program Commission is pleased to announce a one-quarter contribution holiday for the WELS Pension Plan (the “Plan”). No Plan contributions will be due for the October-December 2020 quarter.  Active workers will continue to earn Plan benefits for eligible service performed during the October-December 2020 quarter, and Plan benefits will continue to be […]

WELS VEBA Premium Holiday – August 2020

The WELS VEBA Commission is pleased to announce a one-month premium holiday for the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan (“WELS VEBA”). No premiums will be due for WELS VEBA medical benefits for the month of August 2020. Premiums for voluntary benefits, such as dental, life, and optional long-term disability, will still be due and […]

CARES Act and WELS VEBA Benefits

The WELS VEBA Commission has approved several enhancements to the WELS VEBA health plan benefits in response to COVID-19 and the ongoing public health emergency.  A summary of the enhancements is provided below. WELS VEBA will cover, at 100% of the plan’s maximum allowable amount, eligible billed charges for the medically appropriate diagnostic test for […]

2019 WELS Benefit Plans Annual Report

Through the WELS Benefit Plans, our church body walks together to take care of the health and financial wellbeing of the families of workers at WELS ministries.  The sole purpose of the WELS Benefit Plans is to support WELS ministry efforts by providing Benefit Plans that are comprehensive for workers, cost-effective for ministries, and consistent […]

Proposed changes to WELS retirement program

In 2017, a committee was appointed by WELS to research options for providing future retirement benefits to workers. The committee recently completed its work and recommends that some changes be made to the WELS retirement program. In summary, it is proposed that the WELS Pension Plan be frozen and replaced with a defined contribution plan, […]

2020 WELS Benefit Plans Summary

The following provides a summary of the WELS Benefit Plans for 2020 and information to help newly-hired workers begin participating in the plans. WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan (WELS VEBA) WELS Pension Plan WELS Shepherd Plan WELS VEBA To participate in WELS VEBA, a new worker must enroll within 60 days of his/her employment start […]

2020 WELS Pension Plan Contribution Rates

The 2020 contribution rates for the WELS Pension Plan are now available on this page. The 6% increase was approved by the WELS Retirement Program Commission to continue its efforts to improve the Plan’s funded status and recover from the 2008-09 market downturn.