Definition of Disability

The Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company determines the status of each disability. Because each disability varies, please contact the Benefit Plans Office for additional details.


Elimination Period = the 90 continuous days after the disability starts. The elimination period is a waiting period during which no benefit is paid. On the 91st day of disability, a worker may be eligible to receive benefits.

Amount of Benefit = 66.67% of the worker’s Covered Monthly Earnings.

Covered Monthly Earnings = A worker’s Covered Monthly Earnings is the sum of the following items, if applicable:

  • Base salary
  • Housing allowance, or value of provided housing
  • Utilities allowance
  • SECA tax allowance
  • Deductions for pre-tax contributions made to a qualified deferred compensation plan, Section 125 plan, or flexible spending account

Maximum Benefit = $10,000/month

Minimum Benefit = 15% of the monthly benefit or $100, whichever is greater.

Maximum Benefit Duration

The maximum duration of LTD benefits generally approximates the Normal Retirement Age for Social Security retirement benefits.

Reductions in Benefit

The benefit amount for a disabled worker may be reduced by the following benefits*:

  • Social Security
  • Retirement benefits received from an employer-sponsored retirement program
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Occupational Disease
  • Other group LTD plans maintained by the worker’s sponsoring organization

*Note that other sources of income may also reduce the benefit payable from the LTD plan.

Please note: There will be no reduction in benefits for benefit amounts that are received from an additional individual LTD plan. A worker may collect a benefit from both an individual LTD plan and the WELS VEBA LTD plan.

Partial Disability

Disabled workers who return to work on a part-time basis may be paid a partial disability benefit if approved by Reliance Standard. During the first 24 months of partial disability, the worker may receive up to 100% of pre-disability earnings from the LTD coverage and from his/her part-time earnings. After 24 months of disability, the benefit will be offset by 50% of the earnings received from part-time employment.