Eligibility & Enrollment


In order to be eligible to participate in the WELS Shepherd Plan, a worker must be called or hired to regularly work at least 1,000 hours per year at a WELS sponsoring organization.


In order to enroll for participation in the WELS Shepherd Plan, a worker should first contact his/her sponsoring organization to determine if the organization has formally adopted the Shepherd Plan for use by its workers. A sponsoring organization that wishes to adopt the Shepherd Plan should contact the Plan’s investment advisor, the Hahn Financial Group, at 1-800-516-4246 or wels403b@hahnfinancialgroup.com.

Workers at sponsoring organizations that have adopted the Shepherd Plan may enroll for participation on the enrollment website at: https://www.yourplanaccess.net/retirementplanconsultants/. First, contact the appropriate business administrator at your organization to ensure that your demographic information has been setup in the enrollment website. Then, follow these instructions to complete your enrollment.

Definition of Eligible Sponsoring Organization

The Synod, Member Congregations and Affiliated Agencies (as defined below).

The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

The individual congregations listed in the Directory of Congregations in the annual Yearbook of the Synod.

Organizations listed in the annual Yearbook of the Synod, and include Northwestern Publishing House, Synodical Schools, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Synodically affiliated Lutheran high schools, and Synodical and Synodically affiliated charitable, social, and educational organizations.