Shepherd Plan Advantages

Advantages for Workers

  • Tax advantages for Ministers of the Gospel under Internal Revenue Code Section 107:
    • Tax-free distributions available in retirement for qualified housing expenses
    • Housing Equity Account contributions available prior to age 59 1/2 for down payment on a home
  • Roth provision permits after-tax contributions to be distributed tax-free in retirement if certain conditions are met
  • Low-cost investment funds with no front-end or back-end load fees
  • Ability to diversify investments through pre-built portfolios or individual fund selection
  • Ability to maintain separate portfolio for each source of funds and to receive distributions from any fund or portfolio
  • Direct rollover and transfer capabilities from a previous employer retirement plan savings account or IRA
  • Shepherd Plan account is portable across all WELS sponsoring organizations
  • Plan advisor, the Hahn Financial Group, provides personalized help in creating portfolios, benefit consultations and retirement readiness calculations

Advantages for Sponsoring Organizations

  • WELS Retirement Program Commission maintains the Shepherd Plan document and reviews performance of the plan and its investment funds
  • Fiduciary liability coverage automatically included as part of Shepherd Plan adoption
  • Simplified paperwork and transmission of funds
  • Annual education and quarterly newsletters provided for organization treasurer/administrator
  • Portability of Shepherd Plan accounts between WELS sponsoring organizations simplifies call transition process for workers
  • Easily-accessible plan advisors provide support on Shepherd Plan adoption process and ongoing administration