WELS Shepherd Plan

The WELS Shepherd Plan is the denominational 403(b) retirement income account plan sponsored by WELS. The Shepherd Plan provides workers with an opportunity to save and invest a portion of their earnings during their working years to provide income during their retirement years. Participation in the WELS Shepherd Plan is voluntary, and WELS calling bodies are permitted (but not required) to make employer contributions to the Shepherd Plan accounts of their workers.

The WELS Shepherd Plan is a defined contribution plan under which an individual account is established for each participant. The amount of contributions to be deposited in each account is determined in advance by the participant and his/her calling body, and the value of the assets available in the account will change over time due to:

  • Investment earnings and losses,
  • Distributions and loans paid out of the account, and
  • Fees paid to service providers.


For more information about the WELS Shepherd Plan and for personalized assistance about retirement investments, please contact the Shepherd Plan Advisors:

The Hahn Financial Group, Inc.
1-800-516-HAHN (4246)