WELS Shepherd Plan

The WELS Shepherd Plan is the denominational 403(b) retirement income account plan sponsored by WELS. Beginning January 1, 2022, quarterly denominational contributions are made to the Shepherd Plan accounts of all eligible called workers as authorized by the synod in convention in 2021. In addition, WELS calling bodies can make employer contributions to the Shepherd Plan accounts of their eligible called and lay workers, and eligible called and lay workers can make employee contributions to their Shepherd Plan accounts.

As a defined contribution plan, the Shepherd Plan defines the contributions made by the denomination, calling body, and worker into the worker’s own retirement account. The worker’s account is managed by the worker, and the account balance will fluctuate throughout his or her working years and retirement years based on many factors, including the contributions made to his or her account, the account’s investment returns, distributions from the account, and fees deducted from the account balance.


For more information about the WELS Shepherd Plan and for personalized assistance about retirement investments, please contact the Shepherd Plan Advisors:

The Hahn Financial Group, Inc.
1-800-516-HAHN (4246)