Information for Calling Bodies that Sponsor WELS VEBA

Definition of Eligible Sponsoring Organizations

The Synod, Member Congregations and Affiliated Agencies (as defined below).

The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

The individual congregations listed in the Directory of Congregations in the annual Yearbook of the Synod.

Organizations under the supervision of Member Congregations, or any other Lutheran organization in fellowship with the Synod, including Northwestern Publishing House, Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service, Synodical Schools, area Lutheran high schools and Charitable Agencies, ELS – Evangelical Lutheran Synod, all as set forth in the Yearbook of the Synod. The VEBA Commission determines eligibility for participation in the WELS VEBA plan.

Membership Rights

Enrollment in the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan and its ancillary plans is determined by employee choice and in compliance with the eligibility rules of each plan. While a Sponsoring Organization is not able to enroll, terminate, or make any changes to an employee’s plan, each Sponsoring Organization is free to determine the amount that it contributes toward each employee’s premiums. Please note that the Sponsoring Organization is responsible for making payroll deductions, if applicable.

Sponsoring Organization Obligations

Each Sponsoring Organization is obligated to the following:

  • To notify the Benefit Plans Office of the employment of new workers

  • To inform its workers of their eligibility for membership in WELS VEBA and responsibility to elect coverage if desired

  • To permit each of its workers who desires to enroll as a WELS VEBA member to enroll and to enroll the worker’s dependents

  • To comply with the billing requirements established by the VEBA Commission and Benefit Plans Office

  • To notify the Benefit Plans Office of a termination of employment, the granting and renunciation of leaves of absences, and other facts or events relevant in the operation of WELS VEBA

  • To retain any employment or factual information related to the above item until any issue under WELS VEBA has been resolved

  • To distribute promptly to members enrolled through the calling body, any notice or other communication to members provided by the VEBA Commission or Benefit Plans Office

  • To determine the amount of financial support available to workers for WELS VEBA coverage and timely inform workers


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