Foreign Claims

Plan Provisions

The WELS VEBA health plan provisions apply to all members, including members traveling or employed outside the United States.

When a member receives care outside the United States, the member does not need to obtain preauthorization before receiving services with the exception of air transportation.

In most circumstances, the provider will require the member to pay for services at the time benefits are provided.

Foreign Claim Submissions

For claims incurred outside the United States, the member must complete a Blue Cross Blue Shield Worldwide Claim Form and obtain an itemized statement from the foreign provider which contains the name, credentials and address of the provider of the service. The itemized statement must also contain the patient’s name, the date of service, a description of the service provided, the cost of the service and the diagnosis. Prescription drug charges must contain the name of the drug and its strength.

The completed claim form and the itemized bill should then be mailed to the WELS Benefit Plans Office at the following address:

WELS Benefit Plans Office
N16W23377 Stone Ridge Dr
Waukesha, WI 53188

Upon receipt, the WELS Benefit Plans Office will forward the claim to the appropriate processing center.