Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

The WELS Benefit Plans Office understands that some WELS VEBA plan members have received a notification regarding the settlement of a lawsuit in which Blue Cross Blue Shield was a party.  The notification provides that individual plan members may have the opportunity to participate in the settlement and file a claim.

Resources are available from the settlement administrator, JND Legal Administration, to address questions about the settlement including the claim submission process and the amount of relief that certain class members may receive.  JND Legal Administration is the best resource for WELS VEBA plan members to contact for any questions related to the settlement, as the Benefit Plans Office cannot provide members with legal and/or tax advice or recommend any particular course of action in this matter.  Contact information for JND Legal Administration was included in the official notifications and is provided below:

Please feel free to contact the WELS Benefit Plans Office by email to [email protected] or by calling 414-256-3299 if you have any questions.